Saturday, February 18, 2012

sewing room thoughts

In a few days, I hope, I'm going to have to drop everything else that can be dropped and get to work on a couple of big projects. While I'm waiting for the fabric to get here, I've decided that I'd better clean up my sewing corner.

I've got a space of my own, two actually, where I can leave my sewing machine set up. One is legitimately mine. The other, I claimed because if I had to actually leave the kids alone in the house and go out to another building every time I wanted to sew... let's not think about that too hard.

I was looking at this post, with the cute little sewing spaces at the top and the "before" photos at the bottom, and trying to figure out just what it is I want to have here.

Have I mentioned that there's no light in my sewing room and there's only one working electrical outlet? And there's no heat. Even when it's clean, it's not quite ready to function as a sewing room yet.

Pat Sloan has written a great post about organizing what you've got. There's another great post about project storage.

My goal for now is to find all of my projects and get the rest of the fabric back out to the sewing room. I'll deal with the mess out there when it's warmer and I've got some free time. It wouldn't take long if I wasn't checking every box and bag of fabric for pieces of my current projects and pulling out things I tucked under the fabric so the kids wouldn't get at them.

As I read blog posts about sewing rooms, two things hit me. One is the idea that you can't be productive in a mess. I can work quite well in my mess. The other is the idea that you have to have cute furniture and the right color walls. Cute furniture (the kind you actually have to go out and buy) is not my goal. The sewing room of my dreams would be more like like this one, which belongs to Teresa at Fabric Therapy. I don't lust after pretty furniture. I lust after fabric.

Do you have a permanent space to sew in? Is is picture perfect? Do you want it to be?

And, while I'm interrogating you, do you have a blog? Do you have word verification turned on for your comments? If you do, please go over to Humble Quilts and read her post about why you should turn it off. Blogger does a great job of filtering out the spam. And this new double word verification makes my eyes and head hurt.


Deanna said...

I have a permanent space, and it is definitely more functional than pretty. But, it allows me to leave my machine set up and that is what matters to me.

Katherine said...

My sewing space is not permanent, although I would like it to be. The entire crafting area is certainly not picture-perfect, but it works for ME, which I feel is far more important.

Timestep said...

We are slowly working on space. Right now, my fabric is stored in the office closet and my machine is next to it. I have my girls machine set up on a small sewing table in the dining room. The dining room table doubles as my cutting/pinning table and has to be cleaned EVERY NIGHT before dinner (yes, our table is actually used for eating. AND the light is HORRIBLE in there.

Part of my basement will become my sewing area. My husband is planning on making me a sewing table for my machine (it's a late 60s/early 70s and weighs a TON). But, as it can't be closed off, everything will have to stay nicely organized (it's also the girls craft area) but we have a wall with no window that will make a very nice design wall.

The other half of the basement is the girls play area.

I'm setting up the area as a temp area, because we will be finishing the space in the next year or two and that will require everything to be moved out while we have the joists and beams in the ceiling fixed. Not to mention putting up walls.

Pretty furniture? Not so much!! Except my darling husbands makes very nice stuff.

Jennie P. said...

So glad you said that about the word verification. I've turned mine off after reading that. I can understand why people would want to use it, if they have a super famous blog, but I certainly don't have to worry about that! :)It is so annoying when I try posting on other blogs. I can hardly ever read the words. I hope the word spreads and other bloggers will follow suit and turn that darn thing off.

Mary said...

I read her post and haven't had the word Verification on my Blog for a while. My sewing area is a MESS and I'd never get to sew if I took the time to clean it toally! I just push the stuff back far enough so I can cut. One day I will get out the totes and finish putting all my new projects in them. Some are empty from the UFO Challenge last year and had them all organized. It would be nice to have floor to ceiling shelves built...gotta dream!

Lucy | Charm About You said...

I'm with you on the fabric lust!
Also hate the word verification!

Teresa in Music City said...

I know what you mean about the word verification! I noticed that I'm having to figure the words out like a puzzle... hate it!!! I have never added the verification piece to my blog comments for that very reason. I hope I never have to =^..^=

Yes, I have a personal space to sew and love it. For many years I had to sew on the kitchen table and put everything away for a meal. I'm very thankful for my little haven to sew and dream and create!!!


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