Tuesday, September 20, 2011

WFMW - Dry Erase ABC Books

One of my big pet peeves with workbooks is that they give you one, maybe two, pages to practice writing each letter. Lots and lots of pages for circling which animal is bigger and which one is smaller....but hardly any room to practice writing. And by the time you get to the next level workbook, it's apparently assumed that the child knows how to write. (And read -- there are some tremendous leaps that I'll never be able to figure out!)

I've been resisting the latest batch workbooks at Costco. Just because it's got a flashy new cover this year doesn't mean I get to buy another copy of the same book. But I totally fell in love with these at Walmart while my oldest was shopping for a new book journal.

We are loving them. I don't have to worry that we're ruining the one letter page in the workbook because someone decided that he'd rather draw worms than write letters. The boys love that they get to use markers -- which are super cheap at the Dollar Tree. They try some letters and erase them and try them again and decide they want to do a different page instead.

We'll be writing legibly in no time!

Another thing working for me this week is my bird needle case. There's a tutorial and giveaway here.

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Penny said...

I haven't seen those before. Where are they at in the store. My youngest is working on her letters too, so these would be great.

Caroline@learningtoysbuzz said...

These look great. I wonder if they're available in other places such as bookstores. I hear you about the wriggly worms!


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