Monday, September 19, 2011

Design Wall Monday

I've been having all kinds of fun this week, cutting and piecing and playing with new projects. The red and white half square triangles are part of something I'm not ready to show off quite yet. And there are the bow ties. And I finished a few more blocks for Quinn's green quilt.

I've also learned an important difference between bees and fabric. New fabric doesn't swarm and try to kill the stuff that you already had. Those bees hubby brought home and installed in a new hive swarmed and tried to invade our existing hive. He got them back into their own box and moved it to the opposite end of our property and we're hoping we didn't lose another queen.

These bugs are stressful!

When I walked out to the hives yesterday, just to look at them, not to touch anything or even get very close, a bee flew into my hair. Usually, you can ignore them and they'll fly off, but this girl was mad. I undid my hair clip and shook my hair out in case she was stuck -- and she flew a few feet away and then looped straight back into my hair again. I still can't believe she didn't sting me on the way back into the house or while I was trying to find a big kid to squish her for me. I do feel a little bad about squishing her, but not bad enough to get myself stung.

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Kathleen said...

you are too funny !!! great post.
I heard once that bees and wasps are attracted to hair spray - don't know if it is true or not... you could do a study !!!! Kate

Julie Kaye from KS said...

They all look great. But I am loving those greens.

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Good luck with the bees, you'll have time to quilt soon.

joe tulips said...

What is it about the scrappy trips?...I don't get tired of looking at them.
That is one crazy bee. Did you smell extra special that day?


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