Friday, September 16, 2011

Beauty Secrets

When I read about Beauty Secrets: 150 Years of History in One Quilt Pattern, I was desperate to head to Philomath just as soon as it opened. Time passed, I got bogged down in my knee surgery and the drama that followed -- and I forgot about it completely.

Thank goodness I remembered before it was over! Points and pieced curves...what more could I want to drool over?

There's the quilting. I have never been so completely blown away by quilting. I've seen gorgeous quilting, sure, but never so much that made me desperately need to learn to do it myself Right This Second. And it's all hand quilting.

There's a great slide show of the quilts here. And there's lots of detailed information about the quilts at Wonkyworld. Start with these posts and works your way through the newer ones.

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