Thursday, September 15, 2011

bees are like fabric

I hear that once people know you quilt or knit, they'll offer you all sorts of unwanted fabric and yarn. Apparently, it's the same with bees. So far, my husband has been told about the bees in two co-workers' pump houses. The first hive turned out to be yellow jackets. The second is honeybees. Those, we want.

And, like gifts of fabric and yarn, you need things to store them in. So we've been shopping for supers and frames and hive lids. Do I want my own bee suit?

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Mountain Home Quilts said...

Yes, get the bee suit! :)

Trails of Grace said...

I personally didn't make the investment in the bee suit. I mean, they are not that expensive but we have two homes right now that we are paying a mortgage on and other things on our farm call for our monetary attention as well as some hobbies me and my husband have. With that said, I simply wear a pair of white loose fitting pants, and a white long sleeve pull over , my bee keeping hat, and gloves. Although, I hope to soon work the hive with no gloves. Lovely pictures! I wish someone would call us with a misplaced swarm!

Farmgirl Heidi said...

Wow! Beekeeping, how exciting. I hope to see some posts about honey soon. Have a great weekend.


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