Monday, September 26, 2011

mice and nine patches

Two new projects this week.

The nine-patch blocks are for a little Halloween quilt that I'm hoping to be ready to show off next week.

The mouse with the wedge of cheese is an experiment. I've got two yards of the cute mouse print (part of that awesome craigslist find in January.) It's enough to make a baby quilt with matching backing. Instead of making a strippie quilt like I did with the fish fabric. I decided to see if I could blow up the little mouse and make an applique center for the quilt. But I'm not sure if the solid greyish fabric I bought for Swoon is grey enough. Or if I want to go back to the fabric store. I am reasonably sure that I don't have any mouse grey fabric in my stash.

There've been quite a few comments that I'm brave to be out that close to the bees. There really isn't much bravery required. Unless we've done something to rile them up (like bringing home another hive to attack them!), they're very calm. And I don't actually open the hives or pull out any frames. I just hand things to my husband or check them out from a few feet away.


AnnieO said...

4 patches are fun to play with and I think your mouse and cheese is adorable. Good luck with finding just what you want for your background. I don't think I have mouse grey in my stash either :)

Diane said...

great idea for the baby quilt!

Vanessa [theteensytinyinsignificantdetails] said...

Hi there,

you make some beautiful quilts. I have a friend who wants to learn but who refuses to begin, because she knows that when she does it will take over her life. I will be sure to forward her a link to your blog and expediate the process!

Thanks for stopping by my blog :)


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