Monday, September 12, 2011

design wall Monday

I spent Sunday morning cutting green strips for Quinn's quilt. Now that I've settled on a pattern (Scrappy Trips Around the World from Quiltville) and I think I've come up with enough green fabric, I can actually start piecing this thing.

Did I mention that he wants an anteater on it? And a corn dog? If I can figure out how, I'm thinking of appliqueing them on the back. Or the front, if I can come up with a really great anteater.

It's been far too hot in this house to stand next to an iron and cut fabric, but if I'm ever going to get productive again, I'll need something ready to sew, so that's how I spent my weekend. Now I've got green strips and red half square triangles and lots of little bow tie pieces -- and lots and lots of plans.

Head over to Patchwork Times for more design wall Monday fun.

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

How about an anteater having a corn dog for lunch? Maybe with an ant for dessert? They could be sitting on a corner of the scrappy trips having a picnic!


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