Monday, March 07, 2011

Red and White Quilt Show!

Okay, this is worth a second post for the day. Repro Quilt Lover is having an online red and white quilt show. Do you have a red and white quilt of your own to blog about? She's giving away the neatest set of red and white quilt fridge magnets to one of the participants, so if you have something red and white, you really should add it.

I love old two color quilts, enough that my birthday quilt for myself last year was a reproduction of one. Too bad "38" is blue and white, or I could enter it!

But Red Sparks definitely qualifies.

My red quilt probably has too much blue in it to count, and it definitely doesn't have that sharp, wonderful red/white contrast that I love so much.

How about this one? Does it count? It shares a lot of the same fabrics as that first quilt, but I don't think it's got that snappy white/red contrast either.

Red and white quilts make my heart go pitty pat. I was thinking of using a red sheet that's buried out in the sewing room to try out my drunkard's path die, but wasn't sure if I wanted a solid red/white quilt.

This may be making up my mind for me!


Taryn said...

Hi Michelle, Thanks for adding your great snowball quilt to the online show. I am loving how everything is looking together. You are so right when you say the combo makes your heart go pitty pat.

Michele said...

I'm so enjoying all these red and white quilts. Yours are really cute. I think we'll all be making more!

Lori said...

red quilts. Chuckling here. A few years ago I made a 9 patch and snowball r/w quilt too.


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