Friday, March 11, 2011

Two Colors!

I've been seeing a lot of scrappy quilts with this block (including one tutorial that I'd link to if I could remember where I saw it) and wondering if I could make one with my isosceles triangle die. I knew how to do it, but wasn't sure how that extra seam in each corner would look. And I wasn't sure I wanted to sacrifice some large scraps to find out.

Then I saw the red and white quilt show and got two color quilts on the brain. I went up to the sewing room yesterday to see if I could find that red sheet to try some drunkard's path blocks, even though I have definite plans for that sheet when/if I ever do find it.

I knew I had yellow sheets...and pumpkin sheets...and dark brown....

I didn't know I had this color! (And can be forgiven for not remembering, because this king size flat sheet came in an estate sale box that Grandma picked up for a couple of dollars.)

Even with the extra seams, which I think will be much less obvious once it's quilted and not hanging in a window, I really like this little quilt.

What I really love is how fast the Accuquilt cuts pieces for two colors quilts! It took literally a few minutes to cut my triangles, not counting the corner pieces, which I cut with my rotary cutter and ruler -- and even those didn't take long.

I figured out how wide I needed my strips to be, tore my sheets into loooong strips, then layered them two of each color. I cut pieces for this quilt, and for enough pink and white Drunkard's Path blocks to make a baby quilt.

This is exactly the sort of thing I was hoping to use my AccuQuilt for.

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Helen in the UK said...

VERY pretty! Looks complicated to piece, but if it's fast to do ... woohoo :)


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