Thursday, March 03, 2011


I've been letting the binding pile up. Mostly because life has been too exciting to allow for much quilting, and partially because it makes sense.

There are days when I can spread out the fabric and spend some time and make a mess. Those are kind of hard to come by. Opportunities to sit in front of the television and hand stitch binding are a lot easier to come by. Some days there's not time or energy for much else. So why would it make sense to spend a day when I have the time and energy to cut fabric sewing binding down just so I can get a picture on the blog quickly?

Last night, I should have had time to quilt. Instead, I was curled up in the corner of the couch, sulking about my sore jaw, and glad to have a slew of quilts to finish binding.

These two lap quilts have been done since January, the most recent of my 2 1/2" postage-stampy experiments...

And this is the finished bee quilt, assembled from some nine patch blocks and parts of blocks that came from a thrift store scrap bag.

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Sarah Craig said...

Sorry about your sore jaw, but doesn't it feel good to have three finished quilts? Come over to my blog and link up for Whoop Whoop Friday and get some bloggy love - it will make you feel better! Whoop whoop!!


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