Saturday, March 05, 2011

I'm still sewing down binding

These two were both partially cut with my Go! cutter. I'm sticking with my strategy of using the die cutter for the shapes that would require templates or be a hassle with the rotary cutter. Or the shapes I've got the dies for -- that's actually most of it.

I did all of the triangles for my bear paw quilt with the cutter and the handful of squares by hand. I think I could have cut them with the same die I used for the triangles, but I didn't.

I don't have the die that would cut the corner triangles to go with the isosceles triangle to make a kaleidoscope (and it's low on my list of must-have dies), but it was the isosceles triangles I didn't want to cut on my own.

I've got two more lap quilts almost done with the binding, then I'm all caught up until I piece something new. Which I hope will be soon!

Do your kids play Webkinz? There's a Hopping Bunny giveaway going on right now -- log onto your account and click on the ad for the movie Hop, and you'll win a virtual hopping bunny pet. It comes with all of the same perks you'd get with a regular Webkinz pet, and it's absolutely adorable. Which probably makes no sense at all if you're not on Webkinz, but is a great treat for your kids if they're into Webkinz.

I'm only posting about this one here because my kids are always entering Webkinz contests, hoping to win one of the neat virtual pets. This one seems to be awarding a pet to everyone who enters, and we would have missed it if my son hadn't clicked on one of the ads yesterday.

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