Saturday, September 03, 2016

Summer Night Socks

Self-striping sock yarn is just plain fun. There's something really entertaining about just knitting away and watching the yarn work its magic. I've said that before, but this pair of socks made me need to say it again.

I wondered how hard it would be to get my socks to look like the one in the advertising. Turns out it wasn't hard at all. It was a lot easier than sorting out the problems with my yarn order! And I love the socks so much that the taint of poor customer service no longer lingers on the rest of the yarn. As soon as I finish the pair of Fabel socks I'm working on, I'm going to start a pair with Fall Night. That should be just in time for some October knitting. 


France Nadeau ❅ inspiration imagination creation said...

You seem to be a fast knitter! I love those socks.
I found you on Bloglovin and now follow you. Have a great weekend!

Dar said...

I agree with FN that you are a fast knitter. I have to split my time between knitting and quilting along with about 20 other chores. lol I like the colors in this pair.

straythreads said...

I love the magic of self striping yarn too and love that color combination
have a great weekend

Carie @ Space for the Butterflies said...

Yay! They look absolutely wonderful. If you want to get the two to match exactly the trick is to find a really clear bit of colour change in the pattern and start the cast on there and then start the heel flap at a colour change and as long as you remember what your colour changes were you can get an exact match :)

Dasha said...

Are you kidding?? That is ONE ball of wool? What a great pattern has emerged.

carol fun said...

I LOVE self striping yarns and that Regia is wonderful... it is fun to see the patterns emerge and all you have to do is knit knit knit!! You've made some great looking socks there and I'm sure there will be more!


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