Saturday, February 22, 2020

The Worst Pair of Socks Ever

I cast on for this pair of socks FIVE MONTHS AGO and I've been working on them fairly steadily the entire time. A normal pair of stockinette socks takes me two weeks or so if I do most of the  knitting at night while we watch television. 

What went so wrong with these? 

Part of it was my own schedule. I was doing more stitching than knitting in the  evenings. I also spent a lot of evenings actively avoiding these socks because the yarn, a skein of Mary Maxim Tropical Breeze in the Toes in the Sand colorway, was absolutely awful. Craft Warehouse had it on clearance a few years back and I picked up three skeins because cheap sock yarn is one of my weaknesses.

The first skein knit up into what I think of as the Hawaii Socks without much drama. The yarn tended to shred it I wasn't careful, but slowing down and watching my stitches just a bit took care of that problem.

This skein had loosely spun stretches and completely unspun stretches and stretches that were spun so tightly I might as well have been knitting with embroidery floss. Cutting the yarn would have messed up the gradient colors which are the only redeeming feature of this stuff.

You can see how uneven my stitches are....

A more reasonable knitter would have frogged the project and thrown away the yarn, but I'd spent money on it and time on the project and even though I have no moral problem with quitting something as not important as a pair of socks, I insisted on plowing through to the bitter end.

They may or may not fit. I don't know or care. What's important is that they are DONE and now I can move onto the other two pairs of socks that are antagonizing me.

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