Monday, December 09, 2019

My New Christmas Tradition

We were going to skip the holiday open house at Deepwood and Bush House this year, but the boys wanted to go and I had to drive up to town for another errand anyway. 

I'm so glad we went! There were different volunteers working this year and even though it was our third visit to the two houses we learned a lot of new things. It also recharged my batteries a bit to stand in the spot where my husband and I  got married.

And speaking of Victorian houses and that sort of gorgouesness, I  found an amazing free quilt pattern this morning. The Row by Row Experience is now Quilter's Trek. You can read about the changes here. Hometown Gingerbread combines embroidery and pieced blocks and it's one of those quilts I definitely want to make. You can download the first two parts free by following the link. I know the color of the year is blue, but I'm totally doing one in black and white. Or black and tea dyed muslin.

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