Monday, December 02, 2019

{I've Been Reading} Kindle Unlimited

For the past two months or so, I've been trying Kindle Unlimited. An ad had showed up in my Facebook feed offering three months for (I think) $2.99 and I'd been tempted for quite a while. It seemed like a perfect time to jump in and see if it was worth it.

My first disappointment was that the books that were formerly on Kindle Unlimited, the ones that made me want to try it in the first place, were no longer part of the program. I really should have checked that before I signed up.

In the first month, I read an absolutely awful horror novel. The problem with that one wasn't that it was "extreme," it was that was badly written and boring. I also read a not very useful book about boosting your writing productivity. And half of Harold the Haunted Doll: The Terrifying True Story of the World's Most Sinister Doll.  That one was entertaining, but I sure wouldn't pay the regular price for it.

I started the second month with Real Actors, Not People by Karen Musser Nortman. It's one of the Frannie Shoemaker Campground Mysteries and my first reaction to the book was that I don't enjoy camping nearly enough to want to experience it vicariously through my cozy mystery reading.  I thought that I did, but when it came to campground showers and the configuration of hooks for hanging your clothes on I quickly changed my mind. The book does pick up its pace once all of the RVs are set up and everyone in the group has eaten and near the end it I got so caught up in the story that I wound up crying. (And it was real life camping experiences that made me aware of how scary the situation there's that.)

With eighteen days left to go, I plan to cancel once my trial is up. I have so many other things to read, either library books or free Kindle titles or review copies from NetGalley, that this isn't working out for me. I found it hard to find Kindle Unlimited books while browsing on Amazon's site. Most of the titles I'm excited about reading are the ones I've found through the author's own self promotion and there are some I'm definitely excited about, but I haven't carved out time to read them. As few books as I've actually read so far, I think I'd be better off just paying for the ones I really want to read and maybe subscribing for a month at a time if there's a particular series I want to binge.

Are you a Kindle Unlimited subscriber? Do you find that it works well for you?

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Amanda Best said...

I did the free trial awhile back and while there were a few books I enjoyed, it stressed me out trying to "get my money's worth", by reading as much as I could. Some of the selections were very poorly written, or boring, too, so all and all it was not for me, either.


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