Tuesday, December 24, 2019

{I've Been Reading} 17.5 Cartridges in a Pear Tree

There's a new Maizie Albright book out!

I couldn't quite drop everything the second 17.5 Cartridges in a Pear Tree  By Larissa Reinhart came out, but I sure wanted to. This might be my absolute favorite cozy series and this book has everything I love about Maizie and her world -- the chemistry between her and Nash, her dangerous little half-sister and the pack of small dogs that constantly follow her into trouble, and lots of fast paced adventure. Someone is determined to get their hands on a prop from one of Maizie's old movies no mater what they have to do to get it. Maizie is determined to keep the death necklace where it is. I absolutely can't recommend this series enough. Because she spent her childhood acting as Kung Fu Kate and then a teen detective, Maizie manages to be both completely unqualified as a private investigator and also able to defend herself. It's always fun to watch as she gets herself out of impossibly  ridiculous situations and I can't wait for the next book.

I've only read a few of the Lucy Stone mystery series by Leslie Meir. Invitation Only Murder intrigued me because it involves a billionaire's island that's been stripped of modern conveniences. After attending a party where the locals get a glimpse at what's been done to restore Holiday Island, Lucy is invited to spend some time there gathering information for an article. She jumps at the chance, not realizing until too late how isolated the place really is and how dangerous that would be if something went wrong. I enjoyed this one, especially the glimpse of how the family that's lived on the island for their entire lives deals with their lifestyle.

Disclosure -- I purchased 17.5 Cartridges myself. The publisher sent me an advance review copy of Invitation Only Murder. This post contains affiliate links. 

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