Wednesday, December 18, 2019

{I've Been Reading} Sylvia Stryker Space Case

It was more than two months into my three month trial, but I finally found what I wanted to read on Kindle Unlimited. Last week, I read through all three of the Sylvia Stryker Space Case mysteries back to back.

In I'm Your Venus, Sylvia has signed on with Moon Unit 6, this time as the official uniform lieutenant with no false credentials or computer hacking involved. On her first Moon Unit trip, she found a body in the uniform closet. This time, she finds a body in a hallway just outside the uniform ward. The carefully screened winner of the Moon Unit corporation's promotional contest isn't who she claimed she was, and  the atmosphere of Venus is having a strong effect on the ship's passengers.

 In Saturn Night Fever, Sylvia and Neptune, the head of ship security, steal a Moon Unit ship to rescue a friend who sent a plea for help via Sylvia's robot cat. With a crew they acquired under false pretenses and far more passengers than they planned on, not  to mention some sinister grey aliens who shouldn't be on the ship at all, Sylvia has more to deal with than ever.

I really enjoy this series. It's different from any of the other cozy mysteries I've been reading. It's fun and fast paced and mostly light-hearted. Imagine it as the sort of thing that one of Diane Vallere's other characters, Madison Night, might watch or read when she's not working or solving her own mysteries.

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