Saturday, February 23, 2019

The Novelty of the Pressure Cooker Hasn't Worn Off

I'm still happily using the pressure cooker -- three times this past week! Once was to cook beans for taco soup that I finished on the stove top. I'm getting better at making sure they're completely cooked.

I also made Instant Pot Salsa Chicken, which is exactly the sort of thing I was dreaming of when we ordered our pressure cooker. Put in boneless skinless chicken breast with a jar of salsa, then cook and shred it and make tacos. The whole family liked it and it's quick and cheap, the kind of thing I can make in a hurry if we've spent the whole day out running around.

Thursday night, we had The Easiest Instant Pot Crack Chicken.  (Why do so many of these recipes have "crack" in the name? The boys are giving me all kinds of grief over the recipe names and I'm apparently not creative enough to re-name them on the fly) It came out well, but the family had varying opinions over whether or not it was too hot. I fell into the "not hot at all" category, which meant it definitely wasn't.

Cheesecake is still on the list of things I want to try, but the family keeps eating my graham crackers and I wound up using the cream cheese for the crack chicken because the crackers were already gone. Next time, I'm buying crumbs from the bulk section.

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lvkwilt said...

I so agree with you! I love my IP so much I have two back ups in case it fails. I have used two at a time on more than one occasion. Ribs are the best if you haven't done them yet! I've made ribs in one and potato salad in the other on numerous occasions. It took me a while to not be intimidated by it, but now there is no turning back!


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