Thursday, February 07, 2019

{Estate Sale Tempations} The Search for a Chair Like Morticia Addams Had

Our daughter had mentioned that she wanted a wicker peacock chair, so when I saw this photo in a listing, I messaged her to make sure that she was okay with blue and find out what her budget was and we stopped by the sale. 

I had a plain wicker one years ago, that I picked up at a sale for two bucks. It wasn't in the greatest shape to begin with and at some point over the years it vanished. Apparently, they're now worth crazily inflated prices?

Needless to say, we didn't buy the chair. I was a little tempted by this jewelry box just because it's so dang weird....

The chair was slightly tempting, but unobtainable. Then there was this --

It's a Frigidaire Flair, just like the one from Samantha's kitchen in Bewitched, and it's the second one I've seen over the years. I would almost want to remodel my entire kitchen for this thing, if it wasn't such a completely unreasonable choice for a hundred year old farmhouse.

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