Saturday, February 02, 2019

{Estate Sale Tempations} All of the Tempting Antiques

This one was interesting before we even got to the house. The GPS sent us on the extra scenic route, which I'm pretty sure included a detour over the steepest and curviest hills in the area. Because why not?

The neighborhood started off really new, then gradually took us past older homes that had some seriously unique architecture. Not the DIY kind you see in my neck of the woods. People must've paid serious money for those houses.

We wound up in front of a mid-century modern home that didn't look nearly as unique as its neighbors. There was a time capsule kitchen. I don't know which I like more, those double ovens or the pantry beside them.  

The house was mid-century, but the furniture was all much older. Or expensive new stuff designed to look much older.

When's the last time  you went to sale with multiple full sized carousel horses?

It wouldn't fit my house or pocket book, but I loved this piece...

And the barber chair, with carousel horse number three behind it. I somehow didn't manage to take a picture of the emu, which was on rockers.

The only thing in the house I seriously wanted to take home was the little toy piano in the middle. But I was good and resisted temptation.

We all thought this would make the perfect reading nook. If that metal lion to the right isn't life-size, he's darn close.

I feel like there was definitely an interesting story behind that house and those furnishings.

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Ruth said...

Look at the size of those double ovens!! Nowadays, a double oven is great for cooking regular size casseroles, but sometimes they aren't even big enough for a large cookie sheet.
I loved the green cabinet!! Just Gorgeous!
I wonder if anyone rode/climbed the carousel horses?
Thank you for going to the estate sale, and showing us the treasures!


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