Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Sock Madness is Starting Soon

I was going to take a picture of my new red socks in the snow, but by the time I got motivated enough and bundled up enough to venture outside it had mostly melted. I hear there's going to be more snow tonight.  

The pair is in Drops Fabel's Red Chili colorway and, with Valentine's Day just around the corner, I thought the yarn would be a festive choice. They're just something to pick up and work on when I can't count.

I swear -- my sons were working in unison last night to ruin the newest lace shawl. I had a couple of stitches wrong at the end of a pattern repeat,  but they were next to a diagonal panel of garter stitch. As long as I figured it out over the next couple of rows it would be mostly hidden. We were all watching a movie together and every time I got near those stitches, someone would start a fresh conversation. I'd put the knitting down for a few minutes, then ask them to let me get through the row before I picked it back up -- and as soon as I got to the spot that was giving me trouble, someone else would have an exciting thought to share. (Did you know that you can send your mystery spider to the state department of agriculture to be identified? Did you ever want to know what your big scary mystery spider was?  I didn't and I don't.)

Sock Madness starts in March and I'm all signed up. Nervous about it, especially considering how much I'm struggling with those Oz socks, but I'm signed up.

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