Tuesday, February 26, 2019

My Yard Looks Like My Stitching

Trust me, it looks more fun than it actually is. 

Remember those winter storm warnings I was telling you about earlier this month? Those storms never showed up, at least not at my house. I'd stopped watching the forecast quite so closely and there was nothing exciting predicted for this week.

Monday, we woke up to twelve inches of snow. Then the power went out...and came back an hour later...and went out for the rest of the day and most of the night. The automated system called and told me my power had been restored, it hadn't, and yes I'd checked my breaker box, and no the power had not been off for an hour, it had been off all day. Oh, and each phone call took eight or ten attempts because as soon as I'd waded through all of the recordings about downloading their app and checking online the call would drop.

As of this morning, we had power but no phone or internet. The internet is back, but I haven't even checked to see about the water.

All of that lovely, picturesque water in my pictures of the yard? There isn't supposed to be water there.

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