Saturday, February 09, 2019

{Pressure Cooker Update} I Made Flan!

I've pulled out my pressure cooker that isn't an Instant Pot three times this week. For kidney beans and to cook a roast for French dip sandwiches, which was kind of boring.

And to try One Happy Housewife's recipe for Flan, which was a lot more intimidating a whole lot more fun. 

Flan is one of those things I've been wanting to try forever. I've probably still got a couple of instant packets lurking somewhere in my kitchen. I pick up things like that with the best of intentions and then procrastinate.

This thing was from scratch. I cooked sugar into the caramel sauce (probably kind of badly, because although I was sure it didn't burn, it had that kind of taste to it) and pulled out the blender to mix my ingredients. Is there a reason I couldn't do that in the stand mixer?

I honestly don't know how to judge my results. It didn't taste like the flan I've had before, but that's always been pre-packaged stuff from the grocery store. Maybe this was what it should take like? The boys and I devoured the whole thing and I'll make it again, probably soon because I've got half a can each of condensed and evaporated milk left over from this one.

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