Sunday, February 24, 2019

My Latest Stitchy Obsession

I thought I was going to try to finish the hedgehogs by the end of the month, but then I picked up All is Calm and spent a couple of evenings stitching on the trees and now I'm just a little bit obsessed. Those half stitches make for fast progress.

In the Q-Snap, it looks like I've got a huge chunk of it done, but there's a lot more bare fabric hiding off to the right. This won't be done anytime soon.

And it looks like that break from while floss I was planning isn't going to last as long as I'd thought. There's a lot of snow waiting off off to the far side of the picture...

This is what happens when you stitch from a thrifted kit with no packaging and forget exactly what it is you've gotten yourself into.


Quiltsmiles said...

You've got a fantastic start Michele and it's looking wonderful.

moosecraft said...

This is a beautiful piece! You've made a lot of progress! Wish I could find a kit like that near me! ;-)


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