Thursday, June 07, 2018

Woodsie Socks

I love it when my sock yarn matches up with what's going on in my life. This pair, knit in Patons Kroy, is just perfect for right now!

And it never hurts when there's a perfect place to take pictures of my new project. I thought this fallen tree was going to be gone last week, but it got a  reprieve. Eventually, it'll be firewood but not quite yet.  It gives me a perfect view of my busted up ceramic squirrels from the kitchen window. Anything that brings me a smile while I'm doing dishes is a good thing.

The yarn has wide stripes of color. I'm usually not a fan of  that, but there's some vague patterning here to break it up and keep it interesting.

I almost wore them to the Enchanted Forest with the kids yesterday, but it was going to be warm and I decided to wear sandals instead of sneakers. My sons are at the perfect age for this! Five years ago the youngest two were, in their own minds, too old for all of this fairy tale stuff...and I was a little cranky about that because I don't ever plan on outgrowing this place.

The witch always has been and  always will be my favorite. You walk in through her mouth and climb up stairs past scenes from Snow White, then slide down through her hair at the back.

If you're little and scrawny enough, you can also stick your hands out through the openings in her eyeballs. I don't know if she's got a particularly good paint job  this year or if she's always looked this amazing.

For months, the boys have been asking me if we could go this summer. That was before they found out that Ghost Adventures had filmed an episode there that will be airing in a few weeks. (I personally think the Enchanted Forest is probably about as haunted as the Clown Motel.)

At this age, they can appreciate that a man actually made this place with concrete and paint and a whole lot of imagination.

Lately, I catch myself looking at the trees, hoping to catch a glimpse of the haunted house as we drive down the interstate. When I was a kid, you could see a corner of the building, but that view is blocked now. Either I'm getting older or the lighting is better or the displays aren't as good as they used to be, but the boys doubled back to look at something they missed and left me standing alone in a hallway of the haunted house, under the hole in the ceiling where what used to be a hang holding a knife has been replaced by a man holding and axe and looking down, and I was just fine with it.

My pair of Woodsie socks is always going to be tied up in my memories with the Enchanted Forest because, even though I didn't wear them there, I was knitting on them while we planned the trip and finished them the night before we went.


Judy S. said...

Fun socks!

Unknown said...

Super cute! Love the pics too!


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