Sunday, June 17, 2018

Farm Fresh Eggs

Finding chickens on Craigslist has been an interesting process. Some of the ads are very, very vague. "Free chicken" is not nearly enough information. Is that live, egg-laying chickens, or pieces that are breaded and ready for the oven?

A couple of days ago, I saw an ad that listed how many chickens there were, what town they were in, and what breeds they were....and the guy answered my call...and he didn't want to weirdly screen me to make sure that I'd provide a proper home for his flock... (I totally will, but I'm not inviting a stranger to come look at my property to see if it's suitable for his chickens.)

Wednesday night, the boys and I headed out into the boonies -- not the same ones we live in -- to pick up chickens. We had to do it in the evening so they'd be in the coop and although I've been to that town before, I've never driven there from here.

Now we've got eleven more chickens in the coop and I'm checking out Jo's recipes that use eggs so I can figure out the best way to enjoy the gorgeous brown and green eggs they're laying.

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colleen said...

My grandparents always had chickens large white hens they got the chicks in the mail. They must have sold eggs as it was just the 2 of them and 10-20 chickens. I know they had a end of laying plan for their hens, as there was always chicken in the freezer. My mother went into get detail about that to me when I was young, so I always knew where the chicken on the plate came from, It was matter a fact cycle of life. I have been open but less graphic to my grandchildren after hearing from one of their friends that hamburger was made at the store not from cows.


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