Monday, May 01, 2017

Rethinking My Favorite Purse

Before our last trip to Arizona, I made myself a purse. There was no pattern, no real plan besides keeping it as light at possible, and I thew it together the night before we left.

I've been carrying it ever since and I think it's time for a replacement. The strap is fraying and the zipper doesn't always want to unzip. Both of those are my own fault. I missed a step in the zipper installation and wasn't paying enough attention when I assembled the strap.

There's a lot that I do love about this purse. It's lightweight and the strap is long enough to wear across my chest. It's good for unplanned hikes and tucking my big camera into. I've also got room for my planner and my knitting, just not all at the same time.

The biggest problem is that the interior is a bottomless black hole and my phone always dives straight to the bottom, under my wallet and the case for my glasses and about a hundred Walmart receipts. I need interior pockets with zippers. Maybe an exterior pocket with a zipper.  And a lining of some sort so that when we get caught in another rainstorm the purse and its contents don't look like they've been dipped in the pool.

I also need to pick the perfect fabric. The only thing I regret about giving up this purse is giving up the circus print...although there is enough left in my stash for a new and improved version...

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