Saturday, May 13, 2017

Looking Back

Five Years Ago this Month...

I made a lot of progress towards cleaning out the sewing room.

We got new bees and found out the hard way that the bee place gave us the wrong type of bees. I learned way too much that week about how Carnelian bees are more aggressive than Italian bees and bee stings to the scalp and how the fluid will drain down into your face and make you look like you've got prosthetic alien makeup on.

And I bought my Sizzix die cutter.

Ten Years Ago This Month...

Locomoco and Sponge Bob (neither named by me) were living in the space in front of my sewing room door. So I got to spend time petting my fabric and yarn while the kids admired their new baby geese.

I was knitting a lot of little sweaters, including this one for my daughter and Heath's Weasley Sweater.

The geese and the mean bees are no longer with us, but I'm still knitting and trying to get the sewing room under control. Not much has changed around here.

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