Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Remember These?

What a difference hanging something on a painted wall makes! 

When I first laid eyes on these framed prints, they were hanging on an enclosed porch at the auction where I bought the cuckoo clock. It was love at first sight, even though they were in poor condition and I had no earthly clue what I'd ever do with them.

Adult Daughter saw them stacked on the floor in the back bedroom and laid claim to them. I couldn't figure out how to arrange the three small and one large diamonds, but she divided them over two walls and they look great.

The paint is peeling off of the frames. The glass on one is cracked.  They need a lot of TLC, but I'm afraid they might be beyond fixing.

Whatever does happen to them down the road, they're a lot more fun than home decor from a big box store. And they were a lot less expensive!

1 comment:

Little Quiltsong said...

Your daughter has a gift for decorating. Love how these look.


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