Tuesday, May 16, 2017

My 70 Year Old Muffin Tin and Brand New Cupcake Liners

I'm curious. For those of you who are into vintage goodies, is it a habit you developed as an adult or something you grew up with? I've been surrounded with so much vintage for so long that I don't even notice it sometimes.

This started out as an excuse to use my Dollar Tree cupcake papers. Or to make some muffins for my kids...but I really think I was more excited about the pretty butterflies. 

Vintage Muffinaire Cupcake Tin

I pulled out the muffin tin from the cupboard and got intrigued by the "muffinaire" imprint, so I googled. Until I saw the Etsy listings, I hadn't noticed that mine was made by United Aircraft Products. If the internet is to believed, this dates from the 1940s.

Vintage Muffinaire Cupcake Tin

I don't know if this belonged to one or the other of my grandmas, or if I picked up up at an estate sale for a quarter. I don't know how long it's been in my kitchen cupboard, but it's been long enough that I don't remember when it came into my life. If I did get it from one of the grandmas or at an estate sale, I obviously wasn't reading the logos.


Libby in TN said...

Most, if not all, of my vintage kitchen items came via my mother. And, in the case of my fork, HER mother. The fork looks so rusty my son refuses to use it, but the tines are just perfect for testing doneness in potatoes and carrots. Now I need to check for logos on my muffin tins!

Rob and Monica said...

Very cool! Monica has a lot of old baking pans (and, of course, Pyrex). She uses them all the time! (Rob)

Phyllis in Iowa said...

Vintage kitchen items are fun. I have my mother's muffin tin which she used to make popovers. My parents were married in 1935 and we lived on a farm. Chickens were raised chickens for food and eggs so had lots of eggs to use. Popovers were my favorite.


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