Thursday, April 13, 2017

That Looks So Much Better!

This started out as a stack of four-inch squares, with instructions to sew them together and make a quilt. Lots of reds and purples...batiks...cute novelty prints.... I couldn't picture those big squares making anything but a mess.

But I could picture little bitty squares so that the crazy combination of prints got crazier. 

1 1/2" postage stamp quilt

I'm so glad that this is working! Did I mention that I had no idea how many squares were in the stack, or that they weren't accurately cut to begin with? My corners don't quite match and I'm going to have to do some creative quilting to make this lie flat, but it's going to look just fine once it's done. WAY cutter than those four inch squares would have been. (And just for the record, I had permission to use them however I wanted.)

1 comment:

CathieJ said...

This is wonderful. All those fabrics work together wonderfully!


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