Tuesday, April 11, 2017

{Estate Sale Temptations} Unsafe Baby Furniture

If I had more space, I think I'd collect rickety old baby furniture. 

Vintage Pink Crib With Elephant Decals

And dolls. Don't you just want to scoop her up? She was surprisingly affordable, but I think the most appealing thing about her was the little wool jacket and that was absolutely filthy.

Vintage High Chair With Baby Doll

These ghostly ships would look great in the imaginary room I'm designing around Grandma's tiki painting.

Ghost Ship Painting

And here's another set of the chairs that have been haunting me. We had a set on the boat when I was growing up. I'd completely and totally forgotten them until I came upon an identical pair at an estate sale and suddenly needed them back in my life. They weren't priced and I was broke that day and ever sine I've been telling myself that I should have at least found out how much they wanted for them.

This pair wasn't priced, but they were in such awful condition that I don't regret leaving them behind. (I also can't decide if these started out like the blue ones from my childhood and faded, or if they were always green.)

What I didn't resist was this quilt top for five bucks.

Big bright log cabin blocks pieced from double knit polyester... I had to buy this one because I'm loving the polyester quilt Grandma made me. Pretty cotton quilts are best, obviously, but sometimes you just need to be really super warm. I'm hoping to finish this one and keep it in the trailer.


Laura said...

We have a polyester quilt my husband's grandma made. You know how they say not to use polyester thread with cotton fabric because the thread will cut through the fabric? Well this quilt must have been sewn with cotton thread. The polyester fabric is fine, but the thread is wearing out. I need to go back and hand stitch the seams. Ugh!

Dar said...

That polyester quilt top will last forever. I think I have some old double knit pants and tops from my mom's era that I was saving to make a scrap quilt. Maybe I should just donate them to Goodwill and then another quilter can have fun making that quilt. I have way too many other UFOs that need finishing first! Love all the bright colors she used.

Little Quiltsong said...

Have fun with your new quilt find! We have two that my mother made for us to use at the beach! We love them! They need repairing though and I'm not sure if I should take them apart and redo or......!! I'll work on them slowly :)!


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