Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Creepy Crawly Things in Our Back Yard

When I was a little kid, I'd look in the yard for pill bugs. There were usually some under the big wooden spool on the porch. Now I'm a homeschooling mom and know that the actual name for pill bugs is woodlouse and that they're crustaceans....and I've got sons who can't be bothered with little bugs because they've got bigger things to hunt.

(Yes, this guy was in my yard. And about four feet long.) 

The boys are also smarter about it than I was and have put out a piece of metal flashing so they can predict exactly where the snakes will be.

A couple of  times a day, the youngest one will go out and check and there's usually someone under there. So far, most of the snakes are quicker than he is.

I'm not a fan of reptiles myself, but I do appreciate that they eat the mice and  moles and other critters I love even less. So they're welcome in my yard. And the kids know that, while the snakes at our house aren't poisonous, they ones in Arizona and Utah probably are.


Podunk Pretties said...

My girl response is EEEK! EWWW YUK! But we too have many loved snakes around the property. Currently a black snake resides under our back deck. He's about 5ft long. He often sun baths and hunts by the back door. Before opening my door to his comfy place I always knock a couple of times just to let him know I'm coming out. I'm so glad he's anti social and runs away.

Libby in TN said...

In the photo it sure looks like the snake has a neck and triangular head, which in the South would mean it's poisonous. In Tennessee it's illegal to kill a snake, not that anyone pays attention to that when it comes to the poisonous kind ...

colleen said...

Ah looks too much like a snake to make me invite it to my yard ..... Lizards yes pill bugs yes bees double yes snakes no way I'll hunt my own mice but I only have mice brought home by cats oh I did have a cat call us to show us a small snake she brought home no snakes no snakes

But I do not let my grand children know of my snake fear/dislike.....I can't imagine how many years would be cut off my life if they put a fake snake in my bed one night

ytsmom said...

Ick! Is that a bull snake?


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