Monday, February 15, 2016

Flat Zippered Pouch

I'm falling farther and farther behind on this zippered bag project. LiEr just posted chapter fourteen and I'm still back on number six, the flat zippered pouch. This is the one that she says everyone has made a hundred times. Not me. I was too busy avoiding zippers to be sucked in by zippered pouch tutorials. Because they contained those dreaded zippers....

Which I don't dread nearly as much since I've started following along with LiEr. I can do the zipper now. It's the coming up with measurements and templates that has me stumped. Drafting quilts is easy, but three dimensional objects still intimidate me. I'll get over that, though. I really want the Zippered Gusset Utility Case and Collapsible Drum, even if it means tackling some geometry and shopping for supplies.

This fabric wasn't directional and the piece I had to work with wasn't great for fussy cutting but I did what I could with what I had. For a thrift store scrap and an estate sale zipper, I don't think it came out half bad.

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Libby in TN said...

Cute and useful bag. Zippers intimidate me, too -- been years since I needed to stitch one, so why start now? Hope you have a great week!

Kate said...

I love the fabric! Very cute little bag. Sounds like you've learned a new set of skills already.

Rose's Crafts at said...

Michlle, that's a lovely pouch. Thank you so much for linking it up with us at SHARE IT. We hope to see you again at this weekend's link-up. Great to have you join in! Cheers, Rose,

travelinsewl said...

so cute!


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