Monday, February 22, 2016

What I'm Working On

I pinned this pattern a couple of years ago and have avoided it ever since because it calls for a zipper. Now may be the time! If I can't pull it off, all I'm out are some scraps.

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Jo said...

Go for it. It's really cute!

gayle said...

You can do it!
(I made one last year for my grandson and filled it with colored pencils. When he unzipped the mouth, all those pencil points looked like shark's teeth! He was tickled.)

Terri in BC said...

I made two of those for Christmas, and I used 7" large-tooth plastic zippers. I suggest installing the zipper first, then sewing it up - it was really difficult inserting the zipper in the order of the instructions.

Anonymous said...

Too cute! You'll get it done, zipper or not. I thought they were going to be appliques on a baby quilt. =) I have three baby quilts which just need borders this week! I guess I have baby quilts on the brain.

Judy S. said...

So funny! I have all the stuff for this, too. (for 3 actually) And I've been avoiding it for the very same reason. Let me know how it goes!


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