Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Our Year Without a Microwave

I didn't write down the date that our microwave died, but it was more than a year ago. For a girl who grew up in the era of "you can cook absolutely ANYTHING in a microwave," I'm surprised that I lasted this long without one. I knew I could do it, but I didn't realize how painless it would be

At this point, Teenage Daughter is the only one complaining. She wants to use recipes from Pinterest and make chocolate cakes in coffee mugs.  I don't blame her. I was almost tempted to spent ten bucks on a replacement when we saw this one at the ReStore a couple of weeks ago, just to see if she'd use it. According to the tag, it heats the food really fast and the timer doesn't work. But I'm afraid that it might make the boys sprout extra heads or tails or something.  

I could go out and buy a new microwave, but I'm not excited enough about the idea to actually do it.


Suze said...

I have two microwaves. I had one and when we remodeled the kitchen, we built one in over the cook top. I didn't think I'd use it since I'm short. I find that I use it more than the other one. I kept the other one because it's a convention oven, too and I make cheesecakes in it. I heat lots of leftovers in the microwave now that I'm the only one for whom I cook. It's the pits being a family of one. It's been an adjustment trying to force myself to cook for just myself. When I cook I still cook lots and then I have the same dish forever and that gets boring and if I freeze it, I tend to forget about it. I find from my other widow friends, this is a common thing.

Laura said...

I would be easier for me to do without a refrigerator than a microwave. I used it for almost every meal and several times a day to reheat my tea. The dishwasher and microwave are appliances I would replace the day they died!

HelenMarie said...

suggestion.... why don't you get together with your other widow friends and each take a turn cooking something that can be shared. You don't have to eat together... unless you want to. If all of you make a big batch of your favorite dish on say monday and then have a regular get together on tuesday (even if just for coffee) and swap containers of food.

la said...

I haven't had a microwave for about twenty years and I don't miss it. I bought a toaster oven that works just fine the once in a while I want to warm up something.

VA said...

I've tried making those chocolate mug cakes several times. They were just so-so and definitely not as good as a chocolate cake made from scratch and baked in the regular oven! I don't cook much with my microwave but use it mostly to reheat things.


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