Friday, May 08, 2015


When I was digging around in the sewing room for something else entirely, I found a couple of WIPs that I couldn't even remember casting on. One was apparently a summer top for Teenage Daughter. I can only figure that much out because the yarn I was using made it for either her or me and the size eliminated me. And because it was in the same knitting bag as this project, which is now a happily finished tote bag.

This started life as a thrift store sweater. Back in 2007, I took it apart and wound the yarn and cast on for Askew. My yarn wasn't getting the same gauge as the pattern, so I did the math and made some adjustments and got the right circumference (a little bit harder than it sounds, since the front is knit on the bias.)  I don't remember much of this, but a blog post that filled in the details for me.

The whole thing was there, all finished except for the straps. Teenage Daughter tried it on and the straps don't sit right. That's why I abandoned the project seven years ago.

I was just getting  ready to throw it out when I remembered the no-sew tote bag tutorial that Teenage Daughter had showed me that morning, because she couldn't imagine why someone would buy a brand new shirt, not wear it, then hack it up into a tote bag. That's what you do with Goodwill Bins shirts that are the wrong size but have great logos. And, apparently, failed tank tops that have interesting design elements.


Laura said...

This was a practice piece, not a failed project!

I think good knitting takes a lot of practice, and you are probably a better knitter today for having worked on this piece. Great idea to make a tote bag out of it!

Judy S. said...

Great idea! At least you have something useful for all your work.


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