Thursday, May 07, 2015

Sixteen Dollars and an Estate Sale

When we headed out to an estate sale on Saturday, I didn't expect to buy anything. Once we got to that old metal barn and walked in, I was sure that there was nothing I'd want, but Hubby started poking around and I wandered a bit while I was waiting for him. Everything was dirty. Nothing had prices. 

There are some things I'd love to have, but don't want to pay the going price for.

Like this fan....

And this scale...

A vintage bottle and jug cutting kit has never been on my list, but I know I saw something on Pinterest that required cutting bottles. And I remember wanting one as a kid and I'm sure this would be safer than using string and nail polish and fire and a sink full of ice water. (I should buy band-aids, shouldn't I?)

I've got two of these drying racks already, but my girl is going out into the world someday and she's not taking mine. This one is a slightly different style than mine and definitely neater...but keeping it means I'm the one who gets to clean it up.

I got my share of the haul, which also included the tea pot that's hiding there by the drying rack and a wonderfully sturdy step stool for my kitchen (something that's been on the wish list forever) for sixteen dollars Seriously, I would have paid that for a new stool if I'd ever found one as sturdy as what found in the old dirty barn.

This was the kind of sale I love, where people are just trying to get rid of stuff they want and don't really care too much. The drying rack wasn't as cheap as I would've liked, but the scale and bottle cutting kit were super cheap (two bucks for that scale?!?!), so it all evened out.

And now I've got a fan and a scale and a bottle cutting kit!

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Lucy @ Charm About You said...

Great finds!! That scale is cute but I know things like that can go for a lot!

VickiT said...

Wow. Great finds. Even at a slightly higher cost for that rack, you cannot find them like that anymore. I used to have my Grandmothers and my boys broke it when they were little. I bought another one and was SO sad at the quality of that one that I took it back. Hers had nice, thick 'rungs' (not sure what to call them) and the new one I think were the thickness of a wooden spoon handle. I was lucky to be able to hang four towels on that new one and Grandma's could hold probably 20 towels. That was worth whatever you paid for it, I'm sure.

Mayje said...

Hi! You have found such great finds! I so love the scale. Enjoy!

Pamela said...

You certainly scored! Thank you for sharing your treasures at THT.


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