Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Look -- Another Pair of Socks!

These are Serenity Sock Weight, in the Aquamarine colorway. I love the narrow stripes this yarn makes and how they vary just a bit. 

If you'd told me when I started knitting that I one day be making pairs so quickly there weren't even any progress posts, I'd have thought you were nuts. Back then, they took forever.  Now, it seems like I'm always digging out yarn for the next pair.

I know the answer -- more texture and detail. But I'm so tired lately that I seriously couldn't tell the other night if I had sixteen stitches on my needle. (And yes, at that point I did put the sock away and just give up for the night, even though it was still light outside. It's the blood thinners, I'm sure.)

Tammy Norman really needs a job, but her new gig working for Shirley Homes is just a little too weird to be true. She's making good money for sitting in an empty office with nothing to do but water the plant. Then they get their first client, a man who's being tormented by an invisible barking dog, and things get a whole lot more puzzling. Shirley is convinced that she's the great-great-granddaughter of Sherlock Holmes...and that he was a real man, not just a fictional character. The Case of the Invisible Dog by Diane Stingley is full of mysterious twists and turns, but I think the most intriguing one is the mystery behind Shirley and her family.

I also got a chance to read Babbicam by Rod Madocks. The book's desscription, about a poet who finds an old wire recorder at an estate sale which contains the story of "the man they could not hang." I didn't realize until I was checking the Amazon link for this review that the story of John Lee's crime is a true one. Both stories -- the story of John Lee and the story of the poet -- dragged.

For more pretty knitting projects to drool over, check out On the Needles at Patchwork Times.

  Disclosure - The publishers provided me with ARCs. 


Lucy Bowen said...

Lovely socks and I love the narrow stripes too!

straythreads said...

great socks


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