Saturday, May 09, 2015

Look -- I Found Yarn!

I finally got a chance to slip up to the sewing room and dig around for some yarn that might stretch the Outback Wool I'm using for my Constant Companion. It's not the exact color I would have chosen if I'd been standing at the yarn shop with an unlimited selection, but it will felt and it blends with the colors of the bag. The more I knit, the less obvious these stripes are.

If it's hard to tell where the substitute yarn begins and ends, it works.... right? I might be fussier if I had a better history of actually using my felted bags.

Now I've got to teach myself to do an Icord bind-off and figure out how my scaled down stitch count will work with the buttonholes for the strap. I can do this!


CathieJ said...

That yarn blends well in the picture. So glad you found some in your stash.

Judy S. said...

Hurrah for the stash. An I-cord bind off is kind of fun and makes a neat edge. You can do it, now that the yarn crisis is past!


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