Wednesday, May 06, 2015

{Yarn Along} Have I got enough yarn here?

The more I knit on my Constant Companion, the more convinced that I am there's not enough yarn here. I already knew that I needed something else for the straps, but now I'm wondering about the body....and I'm not quite worked up enough to go through my stash to see if I have any feltable yarn that will go with this colorway. I'm fairly sure  I don't, but I suppose I should check just in case.

It's not helping my knitting mojo that I can't find the second partial skein of Mellow Stripes that I need for the Leftover Socks that I showed you last week. Two projects I'm making great progress on, and I probably can't finish either.

If you read thrillers, run and get your hands on a copy of Method 15/33 by Shannon Kirk. I did think twice about reading this one.  Was I really in the mood for another abduction story? In this case, a pregnant sixteen year old is pulled into an old van and driven for days....and that's where it stops being like anything else I've read. The book opens with the girl alone in a locked room, carefully listing every asset and assigning it a number. She is determined to keep her baby safe, to escape, and to exact her revenge.  I read straight through, turning pages to find out just who this girl was and what was going to happen to her. And was surprised when I thought the story was coming to an end and realized that I still had half of the book to go. (One of the quirks of reading things on the Kindle is that you don't have a constant physical indication of your progress.)

For more pretty knitting projects to drool over, check out On the Needles at Patchwork Times.

  Disclosure - The publishers provided me with an ARC.


Donna said...

Well, here's hoping you win the game of yarn chicken!

Anonymous said...

Yikes, I hate that feeling! I think I'll be playing the same game with the hat pattern I am creating. Noooot sure if I have enough for a slouchy hat, but, there you have it.

Kymberly said...

I hate knitting when I don't know if there's enough yarn. (Or worse when I know the truth and am ignoring reality.) Hopefully you'll have enough for the bag and will have a perfectly matched color for the straps in your stash.

Lucy Bowen said...

My fingers are crossed that you are able to finish both projects!

Judy S. said...

Running out of yarn is a pain! Hope you solve it. The same thing happened to me when I read Gone Girl; I thought it was done but I was only half way through.


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