Friday, April 20, 2012

today's sewing room update

What is it about April? Is this the month the Mayan calender ran out, or something? The log-in screen I use for my email is vanishing -- and the new one rarely works on the first or second try... Blogger has a new interface that's giving me fits... Google Analytics has changed... And I am not in the mood to figure out new things right now!

Dinner -- a pot of something loosely based on Short Attention Span Girl's Chicken Jambalaya recipe -- is simmering on the stove and I've done today's hour in the sewing room. Two hours, because I'm without a car and didn't get to, have to, or want to run any errands today.

The corner where the steamer trunk sits is clean. Of course, now I'm piling things in it while I work my way through the rest of the room...but at least I know what's there now. Once I get done with the sorting and flinging, I'll decide where things actually belong. After today's progress, I'm feeling so much better about the sewing room that I'd still be up there now, if I didn't have to keep an eye on dinner.

I've been doing the kind of flinging you're not supposed to do, tossing out hand knits. But I made 'em, I don't like 'em, and there are others I'm keeping.

This one, I'm debating about --

Until I found it in a box, I didn't even remember that I'd stitched it for my little girl who stained it the first time she wore it. I will never, ever be one of those moms who re-sells her children's clothing on ebay for more than she originally paid for them. I was going to toss it, then I decided to hang it in the steamer trunk for a while before I decide whether or not to take another crack at that spot.


Mary said...

You sure are spring cleaning!

What have you tried on the spot? I would give it another try.

I agree that it is okay to throw out what we don't want. NO point in burdening ourselves with the unwanted for no reason!

Mhairi said...

Hi. With a little girl who loves to be messy and who would eat pumpkin soup for every meal (if she was allowed) I have done a lot of stain removal in the past year.
My go to on a stain that won't shift requires a bit of patience and a lot of watching. It uses bleach (not great but it really works).
Place the stained area over the top of the opened bleach bottle, then tip the bottle upside down and watch the stain until it starts to fade, tip the bottle back over and remove the clothing from the top - then scrub sides together (like normal stain removal). Finally run under water, ensure that the bleach is completely washed out. Then check the stain, repeat this until the stain is gone. Good Luck, I love the embroidery, Madeline is a favourite of mine.

MB in MI said...

If you can't remove the spot--could you save just the sweet stichery and frame it for your daughter, or you?? It is really cute!

barbara woods said...

i posted thursday night and waited and checked and blogger never did put my post up. it was like they lost a hour , i had to repost

Missie of Traditional Primitives said...

This post is from quite a while ago, but if you have that stain to tackle stil, try white unscented shaving cream! Rub it around a bit and see if it helps!


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