Wednesday, April 18, 2012

it's never going to look like this again

And, to be honest, I don't think I'd want it to. Where's the fabric? The yarn? (It must've been hiding behind my back when I took the picture, but that does not look like a sewing room. And when I took this, it'd been my sewing room for almost a year.)

I'm not brave enough to show you a picture of what it looks like right now, but it's better than it was before I spent an hour this morning sorting through the mess.

Teresa over at Fabric Therapy has done a series of four posts about how she keeps her amazing sewing room organized. THIS is the kind of sewing room I drool over.

And there's a great discussion on the stashbusters list right now about how to tackle sewing rooms. It's got me feeling motivated enough to tackle my own. The timing couldn't be better -- Between my abscessed tooth and those stupid bees, I'm already so cranky that the mess can't make me feel any worse.

I proved that this morning when I looked up and saw that the ceiling has a water stain. I can't tell you how glad I am that I found the problem before anything got wet. It can be fixed. Or things can be moved.

Maybe after a couple more hours, I'll be able to post a picture or two.


beaquilter said...

you are such a tease!! no picture of your room now, I want to see :-) messy or not..... PPPLLLLEAASEEE. lol

Mary said...

Definitely need a picture now!

I went to the blog you linked. SHe is right that everyone needs to find their own organizational style. Hers makes me hyperventilate. I would just go buy more before I set foot into that!


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