Sunday, April 01, 2012

I got stung

The stream is rising again, so we (meaning my husband) had to move the bee hive to higher ground. Then we had to get some sugar water into the feeder because, I'm told, winter is over and the poor darling little bugs are hungry by now...

The poor darling little bugs are also extremely ticked off that their hive was moved. My husband and I both got stung. Only once each, but DANG that hurts! It's my first sting since we got the bees last year and I'm being an incredible baby about it. I'm also slightly rethinking my offer to go pick up the three boxes of new bees if he has to work on Bee Day. Or would be if he wasn't currently figuring out how to install our new garbage disposal.

Weekly Stash Report

I'm counting the fabric I used on the pastel hearts baby quilt, and reporting the nine yards I got for my birthday.

Fabric Used this Week: 1.75 yard
Fabric Used year to Date: 27.5 yards
Added this Week: 9 yards
Added Year to Date: 66.75 yards
Net Added for 2012: 39.25 yards

To see more weekly stash reports, click over to Patchwork Times.


Dee Dee said...

My family, everyone of them, knows I love to quilt, but I have never received one gift that had to do with quilting, no fabric, no nothing. You are very lucky that your loved ones know what makes you happy. Happy Birthday.

Denise :) said...

Oh my, I'm in shock over poor Dee Dee's comment, above!! Bless her heart! I feel incredibly blessed -- my family is always getting me notions, books or gift certificates!! Sorry about your bee sting -- they do HURT! :)

ANudge said...

How nice to get quilting items for your birthday. My family also never takes the hint. Oh well

Congrats on your additions - these are allowed.

as for me and bees - I'm allergic to bee stings, so I stay away from them.

Ali Honey said...

In NZ the bee hives for the orchards are ALWAYS moved at night when it's dark. That way the bees are all inside. If you move it while they are out they may not find it again.


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