Friday, April 13, 2012


Today is Bee Day. Last year, Bee Day went very smoothly and we got our package of bees installed with no stings.

I had a post all written in my head about how transferring the bees from their boxes into the hives isn't nearly as scary at it sounds. But this year's bees aren't nearly as friendly as the bees we got last year. In hindsight, that sting I got two weeks ago was nothing.

I think hubby got stung three times. I'm not sure about myself, since all of my stings are under my hair and fairly close together. I'm guessing at least four, maybe five or six.

I'm definitely getting my own bee suit. And I may just wear it every time I go out to the yard.

So... what's your favorite bee sting remedy that can be used through long hair?

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Samantha said...

I just always do baking soda and water.

Hubby does all of the handleing of our bees and I watch from a safe distance since bees freak me out. If I am involved I wear the bee suit top with hat and gloves because if I get stung I cry! :)

Ali Honey said...

Roll on or spray on Deoderant ( that contains aluminium chlorohydrate and most do ) is amazingly effective for bee or any sting. The sooner you put it on the better but it can be reapplied frequently. It seems to take all the heat and itch out of a sting for me. Try it.

grannyanne said...

Use to be a bee keeper though most of the work was done by my father In law. Thw fastest way to stop the sting is to put mud on the sting though not so pleasant in the hair. Vinegar works and I have also been told that metal works too. I use to get stung lots but funny enough, it was by wasps. Hope this helps.

Brenda said...

I make sure we have some plantain growing in each of my bee yards. If you get a sting, chew up a leaf or two, and plaster it onto the sting. Sounds a little gross, I guess, but I learned it from an OLD beekeeper when I first started beekeeping, and it works just fine for us!

Vic in NH said...

I have no bees but I use plain household ammonia on wasp stings and it is very effective.

Teresa said...

At the orchard where we took our grade school kids every year, they kept a spray bottle of dish soap on the "train". Just spray it on a bite and the sting goes away.
I could tell you a story of why you don't sit on a bumble bee, esp if you're 5 yrs old..........

Wendy said...

Ouch sorry I don't have any suggestions for bee stings. Good luck with that.

Alma Allen said...

Your bee insertion looks more calm than mine was! I don't think I got them down in the box as well as you did. What a mess! Bees flying everywhere. And I forgot to bring something to cover the hole in the box. Needless to say it was harder trying to remove the queen. I think I will do better the next time.

Loved seeing your pictures!



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