Thursday, April 19, 2012

Can I take a nap now?

I've been out in the sewing room again this afternoon, moving and sorting and tossing, following my own version of the schedule that Jane suggested. Can it be bedtime yet? Not for the kids -- just for me.

I tossed 25 yards of not-suitable-for-quilting fabric today, threw out a large box of junk, and broke down and tossed a bunch of other old boxes... That bag of green fabric that I knew I'd find as soon as I finished Quinn's green quilt? Found it!

Mary and Bea both asked me to post pictures of my sewing room cleanup. This is as brave as I can get --

The L-shaped built in table under all of the stuff was installed by the last owner of the house. It's an awkward shape and takes up a lot of the room, so I've started to wonder if I should ask hubby to rip it out at some point. But I've got a lot of work to do in there before that decision gets made.


Mary said...

LOL...keep watching. I will post some of mine asis soon. I am thinking of reorganizing. It must be a spring cleaning thing.

I would probably take that table out, too. Or, at the very least find some units to go under it for sorting fabric into.

Vic in NH said...

If the table is still holding all the stuff, then I say it is still functioning and to keep it.
Tell yourself to, "Pick Five!" and then, one at a time, deal with five items from the jumble that you are sorting. Put them each completely away, wherever they are going.
Then reward yourself with a nice cup of tea somewhere else! The reward is what makes this method work.

Teresa said...

you're inspiring! I might just tunnel into my craft room, maybe tomorrow.


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