Tuesday, April 24, 2012


During my root canal yesterday, I thought I heard the dentist asking for more chloroform. I've been watching episode after episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents on Netflix while I work on those cross-stitch bookmarks, so I was sure I hadn't hear him right, or that my mind was drifting into strange places, courtesy of the medication.

But, no, they do use chloroform in root canals. I asked about it when they were done (and looked it up later in the day because I was sure I couldn't have remembered him right. Now I'm wishing I hadn't looked that up, because I found a bunch of sites about the dangers of root canals and why you shouldn't have them. Things I won't be reading right now because what's done is done.

I'll be back in the sewing room later today, trying to distract myself from the temporary filling.


Needled Mom said...

Some things are better not known!!!! Good luck with the healing.

Ali Honey said...

I'm sure you'll be all right. Good luck!
If you don't have them what happens if you get an abscess under a tooth? Pull it out?...The infection will still get into the blood stream.
Now you have me wanting to look them up.

Laura said...

Ouch! Hope you heal quickly!

Ila said...

Please don't worry...I have 13 of them and I'm just fine. Some of mine are 30 years old! Sometimes it's the best way to save the tooth and that's what's important.

Mary said...

I have several and I had a tooth that I let abscess into the bone. BAD idea!

I had a lady tell me one time I would kill my children letting them eat bread fresh from the oven. There are people that believe anything and the internet makes them look real.

I will take a root canal over the other options any day!

WIshing you a speedy recovery.


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