Monday, March 05, 2012

the shiny things are not my enemies

On one of the homeschooling discussion lists (at least I think that's where it was) a woman was talking about looking something up for her kids...or heading in the direction to look something up for her kids...and then she saw something shiny.

My world is full of shiny things right now. The more daunting my to-do list gets, the more shiny, sparkly things pop up around me. And I've learned from experience that trying to ignore the distractions just makes me cranky.

Last night, it wasn't even a shiny thing that caught my attention. I was feeling yucky from the germs that Teenage Daughter shared and had a DVD from Netflix that no one but me was going to want to watch and since I wasn't going to be working on the big project I can't show you yet, the closest thing to grab was Do Not Put Your Elbows on the Table.

Between last night and this morning, I finished the hand piecing and got the border on. I did line up one of my rows wrong and cut off a couple of my honeycomb shapes instead of figuring out where I'd gone wrong and taking it apart and resewing it, but overall I'm still pretty proud of myself.

It's not bad!

And honestly, if I hadn't been in the mood to work on anything and everything that's not on my to do list, this could've sat there until the end of time waiting for me to pick it back up.

This one -- my March NewFO -- actually is on the list, there's just not much to show yet.

To see more projects, head over to Design Wall Monday at Patchwork Times.


Jennie P. said...

I think the honeycombs turned out lovely!

Denise :) said...

Oh Michelle -- your honeycomb quilt is darling!! Are you participating in the doll quilt swap?! :)


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