Tuesday, March 13, 2012

wfmw - cooking as a family

We eat better on my husband's days home from work. He's a much better cook than I am and whips up stuff that I'd never even aspire to. When I cook, I'm trying not to burn anything or set the kitchen on fire. When he cooks, he's inventing a recipie based on three different things he saw on the food channel and two or three recipies he glanced at online.

When we cook together, I mostly hand him things and dig things out of the cabinets and keep up with the dishes. It's a good system.

A couple of weeks ago we made tamales, something we do a few times a year. It's a big project, but it's nice to putter around the house while we wait for the pork to cook, then to wrap the tamales together, then putter some more while they cook.

While the roast was simmering, the kids and I watched Fantasia. Leif hadn't seen it yet and was completely scandalized by the naked babies who weren't even wearing any underwear (those would be the cupids in the Pastoral Symphony.) Quinn wanted to watch something with "lots of death" in it -- the dinosaurs in the Rite of Spring didn't fit his criteria. Not that we could see, because Leif kept holding up plastic dinosaurs to the screen and adding his own dramatic touches.

And then there were the dancing ostriches and elephants...I wound up searching "do girl elephants have tusks?" It turns out the African ones do and the Asian ones don't. Sometimes it's a good idea to look it up even though I'm sure I should probably know the answer.

Cooking together as a family and hanging around the house all day works for me! This post is linked to Works for me Wednesday at We are THAT family.

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Timestep said...

I've always wanted to try to make tamale's, but have always been intimidated by them.

Does your spouse know of a good starter recipe to try?


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