Tuesday, March 20, 2012

wfmw -- grocery shopping with my kids

I grocery shop with all four of my kids, mostly because if I didn't grocery shop with them, there wouldn't be groceries. My husband works long hours and I'm not about to miss out on any family time to run to to the store by myself. (Although I totally admit that being in the grocery store all by myself is an amazing feeling.)

One of the benefits of shopping with my kids is that the older ones know what brands we buy, and why we buy those brands. Sometimes we buy store brands because they're just as good, and sometimes we buy specific brands because we like them better. They also know how to comparison shop.

I was going to buy two boxes of name brand crackers yesterday to put cheese on for a snack later and my oldest son handed me a store brand version in a larger box for a lower price. Of course, the little guys ate my crackers this morning and now I've got cheese but no crackers....but we were headed in the right direction!

These days, I can send my oldest into the store with cash and a list and she'll come out with what we need. My girl will even argue with the cashier and get a manager to straighten things out when two corn dogs from the deli ring up for thirty-seven dollars and fifty cents.

Having children who know how to grocery shop works for me -- by the time they're grown, they'll have all of the grocery shopping skills they need! This post is linked to Works for me Wednesday at We are THAT family.


Quiltin' LibraryLady said...

It's really too bad that all kids don't learn to shop properly.

Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

I taught my kids how to do that as soon as they could read. They talk now about how stupid their friends are. I tell them that it isn't their friends are stupid, it is that their friends parents never taught them. So now is a time that they can teach their friends something to help them save money. As far as that cashier in the deli, sounds like they might have been looking to put a profit in their own pocket at your child's expense.

Gina @ MoneywiseMoms said...

I think it's great that you shop with your kids. Some days, depending on the moods (even yours), it's not perfect, but it's so good to show them the math, how you make choices, and why you choose one product over the other. Keep up the good work!


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